Love Yourself - 3' Wood Panel - Original Artwork

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3'x3' Acrylic on wood panel

About the art:

This phrase has always held a lot of meaning for me personally. It’s a very simple notion, yet often hard to do. I believe once you learn to truly love yourself you are able to see life for the beautiful gift that it is. You are able to love others, encourage others, and give back to your community in a positive way.


Get to know the Artist: 

Tara Johnston is a full-time hand lettering artist, muralist, and designer born and raised in Texas and currently living in Austin. She is known for her bright color palettes, playful letterforms, and energetic compositions. Anchored by custom, hand-drawn type, Tara’s artwork uses words and phrases to help create an emotional connection with the viewer. She is on a mission to spread positivity and love with every new piece.